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Bon Jovi2020

2020 $0.80
  • Descuento: -20%
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2020
  • Duración: 48:10
  • Tamaño, Mb: 110.98
  • Formato: MP3, 320 kbps

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1 Limitless   03:42 $0.10
2 Do What You Can   04:19 $0.10
3 American Reckoning   04:42 $0.10
4 Beautiful Drug   03:48 $0.10
5 Story Of Love   05:49 $0.10
6 Let It Rain   04:39 $0.10
7 Lower The Flag   04:55 $0.10
8 Blood In The Water   05:57 $0.10
9 Brothers In Arms   04:12 $0.10
10 Unbroken   06:07 $0.10
  00:00 $0.00

Comentarios de los clientes (11) Escribir un comentario

  • 2 Anónimo Nov 15, 2020

    Bon Jovi should retire!!!!

  • 1 M.C. Nov 01, 2020

    strange style and strange voice

  • 1 music Oct 31, 2020

    I liked for the most part, but gets his lefty views in the way of a four or five star from me!

  • 3 Angelinos Oct 29, 2020

    Poor melody, without inspiration.

  • 1 Anónimo Oct 22, 2020

    Some good tracks but a lot of them full of angst about the state of the USA... not that engaging if not of that nation....thank god!

  • 0 Anónimo Oct 09, 2020

    It is definitely Bon Jovi as we know him, mature voice but music is refined and beautiful.
    If you do not hear the 80's foundation of the sound, then I am puzzled.
    For all B.J faithful fans this is absolutely fine work.

  • 2 Anónimo Oct 07, 2020

    One of his best albums. Mature voice professional orchestration and beautifull ballads.

  • 5 Anónimo Oct 05, 2020

    I read the negative reviews and got curious... I've been listening to the full album and, as I never have been a hardcore Bon Jovi-fan, I am still quite familiar with the 'old' Bon Jovi. Compare this album to many recent 'comeback-albums' of 1990s rockers and all I can conclude is: It's possibly one of the greatest comeback-albums of the last year. What do you expect from Bon Jovi in 2020? Well, personally I'd like to get a solid rock-album and '2020' ticks all the boxes here. Everybody's entitled to have an opinion, but don't pay attention to these sad reviews and listen for yourself!

  • -1 Anónimo Oct 04, 2020

    I miss the old Bon Jovi also. He's getting older I just don't think he knows how to write a rock song any longer. Even the live versions of the classics don't sound the same.

  • 1 Anónimo Oct 03, 2020

    This is NOT my Bon Jovi. There isn't a single song on here that could make it onto a Greatest Hits compilation. So sad!

  • 0 Anónimo Oct 02, 2020

    Miss the Old 80's and 90's Bon Jovi !! :(

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