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Comprar música Mp3 online / Van Morrison / Latest Record Project, Vol. 1

Van MorrisonLatest Record Project, Vol. 1

Latest Record Project, Vol. 1 $3.36
  • Descuento: -20%
  • Fecha de lanzamiento: 2021
  • Duración: 127:46
  • Tamaño, Mb: 304.84
  • Formato: MP3, 320 kbps

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1 Latest Record Project   05:06 $0.15
2 Where Have All The Rebels Gone-   04:13 $0.15
3 Psychoanalysts' Ball   05:17 $0.15
4 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished   03:08 $0.15
5 Tried To Do The Right Thing   04:42 $0.15
6 The Long Con   06:59 $0.15
7 Thank God For The Blues   05:01 $0.15
8 Big Lie   03:41 $0.15
9 A Few Bars Early   04:52 $0.15
10 It Hurts Me Too   03:04 $0.15
11 Only A Song   04:00 $0.15
12 Diabolic Pressure   05:27 $0.15
13 Deadbeat Saturday Night   03:13 $0.15
14 Blue Funk   04:21 $0.15
15 Double Agent   04:52 $0.15
16 Double Bind   05:23 $0.15
17 Love Should Come With A Warning   04:03 $0.15
18 Breaking The Spell   03:28 $0.15
19 Up County Down   04:54 $0.15
20 Duper's Delight   06:12 $0.15
21 My Time After A While   06:15 $0.15
22 He's Not The Kingpin   04:07 $0.15
23 Mistaken Identity   04:26 $0.15
24 Stop Bitching, Do Something   05:06 $0.15
25 Western Man   03:32 $0.15
26 They Own The Media   03:13 $0.15
27 Why Are You On Facebook-   04:55 $0.15
28 Jealousy   04:16 $0.15
  00:00 $0.00

Comentarios de los clientes (3) Escribir un comentario

  • 1 Anónimo May 21, 2021

    And when you see the absolute crap reviews in the papers about this record, be happy you know better and are a true music lover and an all-time Van fan. He really takes on current issues, all about the eejits who are out to destroy people on the internet. This is a man who has been at the top of his game since the mid-60s, and he is still at it. How many more guys are there like that still around? I can't think of many - Dylan, Mick & Keith, Neil Young. Van is about the only one who is always into writing something completely new with each release. It is a spectacular career this guy has had, my only complaint is I wish I'd been able to see him perform live more often. Seen him only twice - once in Port Chester, NY in 1970, where he passed out on the floor and then in 2009 or so in Arizona and he was great.

  • 1 Anónimo May 13, 2021

    I really like this album. When I sampled each song, I kept finding sounds, arrangements, backup riffs, and neat, creative lyrics and rhythms that I really, really liked on the very first play and that made me think, "I want this album." Van Morrison has accomplished brilliance with this one. More than half the cuts have made it to various playlists I've created over the years. I'll be surprised if this does not become a huge favorite with the public and end up being a classic. This is the first song/album review I've ever done, so it may come off as being too amateurish for some. But it does come from someone that considers music as being vital to living a full, satisfying life. I feel compelled to add that when I was notified about this album, I thought, "another album from Van Morrison? How can that be? How can he create anything as good as his past music?" This album proves just how very wrong I was...... I'll bet you'll like it too!

  • 1 Anónimo May 09, 2021

    If you are a Van Fan....you will like this collection! Enjoy.

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